It will soon become obvious that I LOVE The Body Shop. The main reason being they're cruelty free but they’re also very affordable and better than any other high street brands I’ve tried - for both makeup and skincare. Not many people I know use The Body Shop’s makeup, moisturisers or perfumes so I thought I’d give you guys a quick review on my favourite tried and tested and a couple of new bits I bought today. 



Vitamin E Face Moisturiser

After trying a few different moisturisers this is by far my favourite. It’s light on the skin and smells SO clean and fresh. You know when you moisturise then apply your foundation and it clogs in certain places because the moisturiser's too thick and stodgy? Well, this doesn’t do that. Minimal amounts will cover your whole face. Amazing value for money. I JUST LOVE IT.


Fresh Nude Foundation


I used this a couple of summers ago and loved it. I recently ran out of my current foundation and was looking for something slightly cheaper and with slightly more coverage (my skin goes patchy in the cold weather) when I remembered this one. My only suggestion would be to make sure the person who does the colour match in store covers a large section of your face to make sure it’s spot-on - mine is slightly too dark. It’s a light foundation but could easily be built up to full coverage and leaves a very slight dew on the face making it look natural and glowing. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Fresh Nude Foundation Brush

This is my favourite makeup brush. For someone who’s not a makeup expert and tends to go for more natural looks, this is perfect. It blends quickly (handy as I’m always rushing around) and leaves no streaks. Winner winner.


Matte Lipstick

Best lipstick I’ve ever had (how did you know I was going to say that?). Slightly retro colour. It’s very dry and matte but still somehow creamy. It stays on for the whole day and comes in gorgeous colours. However I would definitely suggest getting these in store as the colours on the front of the packaging aren’t necessarily what they’re like in real life. I thought this one was a bright red but it’s slightly orange.. I love it all the same.


Matte Kajal White

This is an alternative to putting a lighter eye-shadow on the inner of your eye. Don't listen to the reviews on The Body Shop website, I was really shocked to see some bad ones on there. It goes on really smoothly, unlike other white pencils I've tried however doesn't last quite as long as I'd of liked. I love the design of the packaging (although there are definitely cheaper versions of this out there) but if you’ve got eyeshadow or foundation on the inner part of the eye already, it will come off onto the crayon, so just double check it’s clean before applying. 


IMG_4535 (1).JPG

Almond Milk & Honey Calming & Protecting Hand Cream

I’ve been looking for a decent hand cream for a while - one that’s not greasy and smells beaut. This is the one! The milk and honey flavour is a comforting and clean smell, you only need the smallest bit at a time and it disappears after one quick rub of the hands. 


Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash
£6.50 (mini)

I used to use the whole set - toner cleanser and face wash. Although I would say, if you have sensitive skin (like me), I’d go for something softer (I’d recommend the Seaweed range). The Tea Tree range is quite harsh but makes your skin feel so clean afterwards. Good for blemished skin.


Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm - Strawberry

The smell of this range literally makes my mouth water. It's very sweet and glossy but not sticky on the lips at all. Like all the products I've tried it's very light and feels fresh on your lips. It has the slightest pinky tinge to it but nothing major. It doesn't last too long but I guess lip balm isn't supposed to be too durable.

I would highly recommend trying out all of the products above - The Body Shop is the one make-up and body care brand that I truly trust.

You'd of thought I was being paid for this blog... cough cough COUGH