What NOT to Say to a Skinny Girl

It's hard out here for a gal in a world full of Kardashians and unrealistic body goals. Lets big each-other up. 


1. Where does it all go?/Where do you put it? 
Where do you think I put it? I put it in my mouth and digest it like the rest of you. Shall I talk you through my bowel movements? 


2. Your legs must be hollow! 
Funnily enough they’re not hollow. 


3. *GASPS* You’re SO skinny! 
I'm so flattered at your horror by how skinny a person could be, thank you for sharing that with me. I had not yet noticed and you have absolutely not highlighted my insecurity in public. Thanks again. 


4. Do you eat? 
No I don't eat. I actually run off oxygen and water. 


5. Careful, you might blow away! 
I’m probably not going to blow away, but please do keep referring to how thin I am because I love it and must be secure with my body because I’m so thin :) 


6. You need feeding up.
I can absolultey look after myself thank you for your concern.


7. You need some meat on your bones
And you're fat and should diet. Sorry, did I offend you? 


8. You’re so lucky
No I am absolutely not lucky- I have no hips and have been trying to gain weight for the last 20 years and have just as many insecurities as every other fucker out there. 


Before you comment on a skinny persons figure, just don't!