Travelling Thailand- the very beginning!

Jake and I have finally come to our senses and realised we need to travel the world. We've been so desperate to buy a house for so long, we'd forgotten that once you have a mortgage, it’s not likely you can go travelling- and then when are we supposed to do it? So get it done whilst we are young and worry about the adult stuff later…

Beginning our travelling plans was as hard as I expected it to be. How much do we need to save, where do we even want to go and how long will we go for? Where do we begin? I had no clue. 

We scribbled down all the things we know we want to do/see. One was volunteering, preferably with children and another was Asia. Seeing as we’d never put much thought into travelling, we didn’t know much else. 

From this, we came to the conclusion we should go to Thailand. It’s supposedly cheap and is often to go-to for young and first-time travellers. We also decided 2 1/2 months is long enough (to begin with anyway). 

Next- where abouts in Thailand? 

After all the deliberating, reading blogs, (I recommend reading and trailing through google images, we made a very rough plan: 

  1. Bangkok for two weeks. 
  2. Fly to Cambodia to volunteer for three weeks (I would recommend checking out: - they have mixed reviews but the only negative comments seem to be that the leaders leave you to your own devices quite a lot and are very very cheap in comparison to others, which Jake and I are more than happy with) 
  3. Fly to Phuket for three weeks (I've heard about the beautiful island a stone's throw away)
  4.  Fly back to Bangkok for a week before returning home. 

I’ll write a couple of other posts soon about our budgets, flight and hostel plans and our plans in more depth etc- as this is just the very beginning! 

I would also really appreciate any help from anyone who has travelled Thailand before! - We are a long way off yet! 

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