The importance of Supporting - by Tash


I often question our generation and where our priorities lie.


Having started up blogs and YouTube channels myself over the last few years, yet always to fail because of my own self confidence and the bullying that tends to go hand in hand with writing or sharing online. 


This is not a rant but more of an insight into the strength and confidence it can take for someone to start writing publicly online in this day and age.


In a world where the Kardashian's have a bigger empire than most politicians in the world - social media influences our lifestyle in every way. There are people out there who have no interest in following the lives of others and no one is asking you to do so, however, if a friend is wanting to throw their thoughts down on paper and share with the world - maybe the exciting things in their lives or the struggles they are facing - why not, right?


From the aspect of someone who has been bullied consistently throughout their life and always felt as though they didn't fit in anywhere they went. The online world was a great safety net for me. For people who maybe haven't experienced this, the online world is a great way to express yourself to a larger group of people with the hope that there may be people out there with a similar outlook on life to you, which you may struggle to find in your normal life. However, it is also an extremely difficult thing to do because of the people out there who feel the need to knock you down and question your motives even though they don't really need to be involved.


Writing about yourself and the exciting things you are doing in life can be thought of as a journal, a way to express the way your feeling and can maybe provide people out there with the inspiration to be themselves and not worry about the pettiness that some people feel the need to express. Writing online is not vain, it's not self obsessed, it's an outlet and I hope that we can stand together and be strong and support each other - especially those you would class as friends.


I don't know about you guys, but I want to see my friends thrive and succeed and if their chosen avenue is blogging - let it be. The lack of support in our generation for the things that our friends are doing is actually staggering and it is something that needs to be and should be addressed because being told you shouldn't do something, or you can't do something, or that there is a lack of interest in what your doing from the outside world, can kill you as a person inside and having been put through that myself and having people very close to me be put through the same makes me angry.


I guess what I'm trying to say - bottom line - is if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all - because we aren't interested. You have no idea the repercussions of what a tiny comment can cause. It could destroy someone's dreams. Keep it to yourself.


Love Tash