5 things I tried in February

Here are some things I may or may not recommend... act accordingly. 

1. Number one has to be my DRIVING TEST

I tried a driving test for the first time in my life two weeks ago. 

I thought I’d passed and felt like an absolute dick, sat there smiling to myself, when the inevitable was said ‘I’m afraid to say…’ He absolutley should’ve been afraid because I was f**** raging.

I failed with 13 minors and a major, I couldn’t exactly argue. On-wards and upwards.

There will be a full blog on this soon, I have much to vent. 


2. Urban Decay Sex-Proof (Troublemaker) mascara

I got this for Christmas from a family member and started using it only once I’d ran out of ‘They’re Real - Benefit’ (my usual fave). It’s probably the best mascara I’ve had and comes in a lush box. The wand is combed and you can go over and over your lashes without them getting too clumpy. Check it out; https://www.urbandecay.co.uk


3. Space buns

Space buns are a hairstyle, not a cake (as I first thought). Its when you have two buns on the top of either side of your head. I always thought they looked a little space-like (funnily enough) and a little bit childish for me.
But I take it all back, I don’t like my hair any other way now. Although, it is too short to have it all up in space-buns so I leave a little at the back. Winner winner chicken dinner.


4. Rescue remedy

We’ve always had family and friends using the homeopathic stuff for anxiety etc and I remember seeing it everywhere as a kid (we are that kind of family). I bought some recently to try and calm my own anxieties (its for the second go at the driving test really), and I cant say I’m feeling the effects yet - maybe I’m expecting too much… Not sure, but I’ll keep going and let you know when it cures me. 


5. Chocolate flavoured tea from T2

I won’t go into too much detail but it’s safe to say I was not a fan. I got a hint of mushrooms? Anyway, I’m sure someone likes it. 


My advice try Space-Buns and Sex-proof Mascara, and none of the rest.