If You're Unhappy, Change Something


If you’re unhappy, change something


Quit. Leave the job you hate. End your relationship toxic relationship for the final time. Stop reading the book you decided was shit three chapters ago. Quit people pleasing and saying yes because you 'have to’, focus on pleasing yourself for once. But don't 'just quit', replace it with something else. Something unexplored. 


If you’re unhappy, change something.


Move house. Get a pet. Make a new friend. Take on a new hobby. Start writing. Start a blog. Start a new book.  


If you’re unhappy, change something. Stop making excuses. You are in control.


Is spending ten years in a career you never enjoyed proof of success? Or sticking out a relationship you knew was failing 2 years ago? In this instance, by not quitting you've caused yourself failure. And for what? Wasted and precious time. 


If you don’t start, quit, and try again, you’ll never find what you actually want. How do you know it makes you happy until you’ve tried it? 


I tried working in a call centre, hated it and quit. I tried moving out, hated it and quit. I went to uni, hated it (the being skint part) and quit. I refuse to become stuck in a rut and loose sight of finding true happiness just to be able to say I ‘stuck it out’. 


Who are you trying to impress? This is your life. If you’re unhappy, change something. 


This isn’t to say quitting is always the answer. If you’re two days into your new job, give it a couple of months before making any rash decisions. If you’ve changed your eating habits and have a craving, don’t quit at the first sign of struggle. Quitting should never be done sporadically. Quitting takes time and thought and certainty...…then you can quit.