Stop Labelling Feminists as Man-Haters

The word ‘feminist’ holds a negative connotation. People ‘don’t like’ feminists, in-fact most people I ask. How dare you refer to them as ‘femi-nazis’ when they fought for your freedom?

Feminism is one big misconception. Feminists are not ‘man-haters’, think all men are rapists or believe women are superior to men. Not every feminist leaves all their body hair until knee-length, have pixie-cuts or only shop at 'World Foods'. If so, good for them. The dictionary definition for a feminism is; equal opportunity for women and have be intellectual equals to men... and this is what every true feminist is working for. 

And when the question is asked (which inevitably it will be): ‘So, should a man be able to hit a woman?’ the answer is no-one should hit anyone and this will always be my answer.

Women fought, endured violence, were force-fed and died for our right to vote. Don’t we owe them some respect? Or shall we refer to them as 'Nazi's'? 

Women fought for birth control, safe abortion and reproductive healthcare.

Women fought for the right to wear trousers.

They fought for education and financial independence.

Do you want these things, or could you do without them? Do you want your Mother/Sister/Daughter to have these things? 

Women standing up for themselves won’t make you men weaker. It will make humanity stronger. Imagine a world where humans accept each-other and stand together - where everyones 'worth' is matched, imagine the things we could achieve and overcome. I know many men who would proudly label themselves Feminists like all men should.

Why fight this? Why when 'Black Lives Matter' do we have to come back with 'All Lives Matter'? Why are we fighting this change? Stop dampening down the importance of these changes we are working so hard for. 

Women are not weak due to our ’emotions’ and ‘sensitivity’. Women are not ‘body’ and men are not ‘mind’.  Women aren’t ‘sex’. If women are 'emotion' why do over 7000 men commit suicide per year? Why can't they have emotions? 

Next time you use the world ‘whore’, ‘slut’ etc. think of your mother, daughter, sister and how by using that word to one woman you’re continuing to make society harder for all women. Then watch this video ‘Dear Daddy, I’m going to be called a whore

These women fought to make a woman a person in the eyes of the law, not a mans property.

Boys and girls, think before you slag off a feminist and become one instead.