The Damaging Effects of Social Media


Social media is booming. 


We can share our political opinions, we can communicate with those across the globe, we can promote business and most importantly we can build a totally new image of ourselves… a totally unrealistic version of ourselves. Then we can hope that lots of other people aspire to be like us. If we are really lucky they will compare themselves to us and wish to be us - the completely unrealistic and impossible version of 'us'. 


That girl you follow that has 120000+ followers on instagram who just got 230,4044 likes on a picture of herself at a beach party in Bali - she does take pretty good pictures and to be fair, she does look like she’s having fun. 


But what about the day she got fired? The day she was late for work or the day she had really bad acne? Where are those photos? 


She won't want you to see the argument she had with her boyfriend this morning, the mini breakdown she had in her work toilets or all the shit she ate before bed. Why would anyone want you to see that? That’s not very idyllic, is it? That won’t gain her anymore followers, will it? 


I forgot to put my handbrake on today and my car rolled backwards through the carpark, I was late for work and spilt my morning tea all down my t-shirt and had to get changed. But why would I tell you that? 


When you’re comparing your life, your success and image to others, think about your friends and their social media. You know your best mate is going through a really shit time but look at her instagram, I bet it doesn’t look like it? 


The result is unrealistic expectations. Then becoming depressed when we can meet these expectations.


Let start promoting real friendship, honesty and the fact that we are ALL human and make mistakes on a daily basis.


I’d rather have 10 friends in the real world than 10,000 on instagram… Wouldn’t you?