Office Attire (£27)

Coat - My new fave coat is from Missguided and is the first coat in years I have bought from brand new. You can find it here - It's darker in real life which I prefer and as it says in the title, quite oversized. 

Dress- Charity Shop but originally £10 from Primark. Here is a similar one


Straight Outta France

Top- H&M a very long time ago (I don't even remember getting this). Here something similar but short sleeved

High-waisted Acid-wash Jeans - Not totally in love with the combination but it's okay. These would look much cuter

I wore my black and gold gazelle and tied my hair back and low. 

image1 (2).jpeg
image2 (1).jpeg

I Wore a Skirt! (£10)

Excuse the very unflattering, awful photo. It was freezing cold in the lift (managed to sneak this in seconds before someone got in) and I wore my coat around for the rest of the day so I had to make do with this one. 

I wore a skirt for the first time in a long time. 

Also did out my wardrobe that evening and have found some gems that have been hiding...stay tuned. 

Strappy Bodycon Dress (£3)- Primark a long time ago- here is something similar

Pencil Skirt (7) - Charity shop - here is something similar

With the black and gold Adidas Gazelles from my last post. 


Flash Dance (£8)

Today I was told I look like I should be in Flash Dance- I'll take that. 

Everything I was wearing today was from a charity shop (other than trainers) but I've found other places you can buy something similar, and for little monies. 

Wu-Tang T-Shirt (£5)- Vintage shop in ST Ives - here's something a little alike

Skirt (£3.50) - again, charity shop, but here's

Trainers (£70) (although you can't see them) - are the gold and black Adidas Gazelles AND they're on sale for £15 less than what I got them for, TYPICAL.



Working Nine to Five

T-Shirt - This has been in the family for years and won't be found anywhere else, however you can create the same effect with any old T-Shirt by chopping the sleeves off


To create a pattern simluar to the one on the back, cut up a potato and create grooves in one half. Dip this in fabric paint and press onto the fabric. 


Leggings - Primark Pyjamas £3 


 Trainers need a good wash

Trainers need a good wash

Dance Workshop Sunday

I wore this at a dance workshop in Bristol. I always have to dance with a jumper, it just feels better. 

Jumper Dress - H&M £14.99

Trousers - Charity shop somewhere £2.50 (!!!!)

Bag (next originally) - Charity shop £3.50

T-shirt - Charity shop £4 (international truck company)

Coat - I rarely spend a lot of money on coats but had to - ASOS £75

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image2 (1).jpeg
image1 (2).jpeg
image3 (3).jpeg